– Microsoft (NASD: MSFT) has filed
patent infringement claims against TiVo (NASD: TIVO), the maker of digital video recorders,
as a ploy in ongoing patent litigation where TiVo has sued AT&T (NYSE: T) — the main
customer of Microsoft’s DVR technology.

TiVo sued AT&T for patent
infringement in August 2009, asking a judge to stop the distribution of set-top
boxes by AT&T that contained the allegedly infringing technology — which are
powered by Microsoft’s software.

For its part, Microsoft’s claims against TiVo relate
to patents covering technology used to purchase and deliver video, and the
display of programming information.

"We remain confident in our position
that AT&T will be found to infringe on the TiVo patents asserted," TiVo
said in a statement.


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