London – Northern Film &
Media (NFM), a regional development fund for the Northeast
U.K., on Thursday announced the creation of a new fund for
developers of applications for Apple’s iPad.

The firm is offering up to $64,500
for developers, with applications due by Feb. 24.

NFM said it is looking
for applications that "do stuff better than it would be done on an iPhone,
and differently from the way it would be done on a laptop or desktop

The firm said it would seek developers where 70% of talent is
based in the North East of England, and 50% of their budget is spent there.

want the North East to have a place in the rapidly evolving global content
market," said NFM CEO Tom Harvey.

"We will do whatever it takes to
ensure that North East companies have every opportunity to get their products
developed, made, distributed and bought on whatever new platforms come


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