Los Angeles – Following a federal
judge’s order last month to removing all infringing content from its site, Torrent
search engine Isohunt has opted to block its main site from U.S. users,
instead pointing them to a bare bones search page.

The company hopes that by
launching the "Isohunt Lite" search engine for U.S. users, it
can potentially avoid the judge’s proposed order to install a keyword filter
that would actively block the appearance of links to copyrighted content.

Lite site will "demonstrate the similarity to certain other popular search
engine [sic] also required to censor in China."

"Requiring any
internet search engine to filter broad keyword searches is absurd. The DMCA
mandates with reason that copyright notice and takedown requested by copyright
holders be done under penalty of perjury with accurate identifcation, with
standard practice of URLs, not broad mucking with the dictionary," the
company said in a note on the new site.


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  1. How do i get a offshore proxy? I’m not very computer smart and would like to know i loved my utorrent and now its gone

  2. And so another great torrent engine dies… I hope these people realize that some of these people actually support the official release (I sound like fansubbers, but it’s true) and half of their sales come from people who downloaded it from places like isohunt, liked it, and recommended it to their friends. One person downloading something could turn into three (or more) sales.

  3. There’s a simple workaround. Just use an offshore proxy, or use TOR to make it seem like you’re coming from another country.

    Sorry, but at best it’s only an inconvenience.

  4. Absolutely absurd! It’s like removing roads to stop people
    from speeding. The site doesn’t encourage piracy. The MPAA encourages piracy.

  5. Not quite sure I understand how this lite version will make a difference. I don’t believe that isohunt should be forced to shut-down, just that people downloading copyrighted material should be brought to justice if caught.

  6. Once again, big Corporations push to waste my tax dollars in court so they can attempt to preserve their every dollar in profits.

    I say waste because ever since napster and earlier, these big boy greeds have shut down countless software companies and web sites all over the net. There will always be another and another.

    If you can’t find a way to stop copywrite infringement on the net to maximize you profits, be smarter than it. Find new ways to sell your product. If you drop you pennies on the ground, people WILL pick them up.

  7. BULL SHIT! I hate the MPAA! What is wrong with downloading movies & watching them? its not like we are selling them? so what the fuck is the problem? first it was now well if they want to play this game then we will always find a way around

    I already found a way to get around the USA banned & still download torrents so suck it MPAA!

  8. Annoyingly, it affects Canada as well.

    Odd how stuff like this affects Canadians, almost as if our laws were the same. Yet when I go to a US site to watch videos, it will say ‘available in the US only’ and block content to Canada.

    We seem to get screwed way more.

  9. for the win!

    The old farts at the MPAA and RIAA do not understand technology! You can not shutdown the internet! You can not stop technology! Shutdown one website and 10 more will take its place.

    I encourage everyone to download some content to make up for your wasted tax dollars.

  10. They honestly think this will solve anything? What are they gonna do next, ground us from the internet? Damn suits, I don’t have the kind of money to shell out for overpriced CD’s, maybe I’ll make a down payment with my arms and legs. They haven’t won yet, you may be able to kill a soldier, but the army will continue advancing.