San Francisco – Citing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act
(DMCA) takedown notice, Twitter has removed a user’s tweet that contained links
to download songs from an album that leaked to file-sharing services before its
official release, Mashable reports.

Blogger JeanPierre Chigne first wrote a
blog post with details about the leak of The National’s album "High
Violet," containing links to both a pre-order and to an unreleased track
hosted on MediaFire and

However, Chigne maintains the track was
already released by the band’s publicist to Pitchfork for promotional purposes,
and he merely provided a secondary location from which to download it.

this situation, we responded to a request to remove a Tweet containing a link
to download content from an unreleased album," a Twitter spokesperson told

"After reexamining our decision, we believe this was the correct
first step. If the affected user believes we have made a mistake or that the
notice is in error, the appropriate thing for the user to do is file a


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