San Mateo, Calif.
– According to data from mobile ad network AdMob, mobile Web traffic
generated by users of mobile devices running Google’s (NASD:  GOOG) Android operating system
was greater than traffic from Apple (NASD:  AAPL) iPhone users in March in the U.S.,
TechCrunch reported.

Android accounted for 46% of U.S. mobile Web traffic in March,
compared with 39% for the iPhone — although international traffic figures show
the iPhone on top with 46% to Android’s 22% of market share.

Overall, AdMob reports that total worldwide mobile Web traffic increased 18% month-over-month.

report further notes that 34 Android devices from 12 manufacturers were available
in March, and that 11 devices accounted for 96% of all Android traffic.

Motorola Droid was the top Android handset in March, generating 32% of all
Android traffic, while Google’s own Nexus One drove just 2% of traffic.


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  1. Google is trying to buy AdMob and making a strong push for AdMob to be represented on it’s Android platform. What AdMob does is extrapolate their ads to try to measure market share, but that is a bit misleading in this case because their penetration has been higher on Android platforms than the iPhone and continues to accelerate at a disproportionate rate. AdMob isn’t the exact proxy for internet surfing that they imply.

    Bottom line: iPhone and Android are both doing fine, but I don’t think anyone with a website or even an anecdotal observer of users thinks the iPhone isn’t generating the most traffic.