Dublin, Ireland – Irish ISP Eircom on
Monday began forwarding the identities of suspected file-swappers to copyright
holders, as part of a court-ordered "three-strikes" protocol that
will see repeat offenders lose their Internet services, the Irish Times

At launch, Eircom will provide the identities of 50 suspected
file-swappers per week to the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), the
country’s record label trade group, during a three-month pilot of the system.

Eircom will first telephone the suspected file-swapper to make him or her aware
of the alleged infringement occurring on their account.

After a third warning,
the subscriber’s account will be suspended for seven days; a fourth instance
will see the account severed for an entire year.

Fellow Irish ISP UPC is
currently in court fighting the IRMA’s request to implement a similar
three-strikes system.


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