San Francisco
– In the wake of launching its first comprehensive ad platform in the form of
Promoted Tweets, Twitter has announced that will no longer allow any third
party ad networks on the service. Chief operating officer Dick Costolo wrote in
a blog post that "third party ad networks are not necessarily looking to
preserve the unique user experience Twitter has created. They may optimize for
either market share or short-term revenue at the expense of the long-term
health of the Twitter platform."

Costolo added that "third party ad
networks may be optimized for near-term monetization at the expense of
innovating or creating the best user experience. We believe it is our
responsibility to encourage creative product development and to curb practices
that compromise innovation."

The move does not affect one-off marketing
deals between brands and celebrities, for instance, Twitter confirmed for CNET,
such as Kim Kardashian’s purported rate of $10,000 per sponsored tweet.


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