Los Angeles
– The series finale of Disney/ABC’s (NYSE:  DIS) "Lost" has broken the single-day
download record on file-sharing network BitTorrent, racking up close to 1
million downloads in less than a day, TorrentFreak reported. At peak times,
more than 100,000 people were sharing a single torrent; the finale is expected
to hit four or five million downloads by week’s end.

TorrentFreak notes that
"Lost" was the second most-pirated TV show on BitTorrent last year,
behind "Heroes," but still saw an average of 1.5 million downloads
per episode.

The producers of the show attempted to curb interest in such
downloads overseas, where U.S. TV shows typically air months later, by
broadcasting the finale in 59 countries simultaneously.

However, TorrentFreak
noted, 15% of all requests for the finale download are coming from Australia —
where the finale is not set to air until tomorrow.


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