Los Angeles
– True to its word, Apple (NASD: AAPL) on Tuesday shut down Lala, the streaming music
service it acquired in December, disabling thousands of embedded music players
across the Web.

Many had speculated that Apple planned to simultaneously
announce the launch of its own cloud-based music streaming service, but at
least for now, all Apple has done is shutter the existing Lala service.

shutdown may have hit influential indie music site Pitchfork the hardest, which
had embedded Lala single song and full-album streams alongside countless

"You can still listen to new music in news, Playlist, and
Forkcast via the same players we’ve been using the last few weeks, and we have
been adding streams and mp3s of tracks to select album reviews," the site
wrote in a post addressing the disappearance of its Lala-based streaming

"We’ll have announcements here soon about streaming media on
Pitchfork, so stay tuned and thanks for reading."

Pitchfork is currently
offering embedded streams through services including YouTube, Yahoo, SoundCloud
and others.


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