New York – A
"quicker-than-expected uptick in the U.S.
economy" will fuel a rebound in U.S. online ad spending this year, which
eMarketer now forecasts will grow 10.8% from 2009 figures to reach $25.1 billion.

The firm’s previous estimate, stated in December 2009, forecast just a 5.5%
spending increase.

"This shift has a twofold effect: more shopping by
consumers, most readily seen in search ad expenditures, and a greater
willingness among companies of all sizes to spend a bit more for marketing in
general," the report says.

"That greater spending has also
contributed to the ongoing shift of marketing dollars away from traditional
media toward the Internet and other digital advertising."

The top search engines are still projected to garner 58.5% of all online ad spending this year, but eMarketer expects online video advertising to account for a third of the new incremental ad spending expected to surface between this year and 2014.

The firm cautions,
though, that "continued economic hurdles, combined with corporate qualms
about a renewal of the recession set off by the EU’s debt crisis, could put
more of a damper than anticipated on spending by both companies and


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