Los Angeles
– LimeWire, the file-sharing service ordered by a court last month to shut down
on charges of copyright infringement, continues to plan an "ambitious
post-lawsuit relaunch," Digital Music News reported. The company is
reportedly creating a "subscription-based ‘ecosystem’ that includes
desktop and mobile apps, a web-based component, and both downloading and
streaming aspects."

The service is also said to include recommendation
features, and the ability to sync iTunes playlists and content to the cloud.

It’s unclear whether the company’s finances will be able to support both
prospective millions of dollars in copyright infringement damages for past unlicensed
content distribution, and new hefty licensing fees needed to legally distribute
music from the record labels suing them.

Compounding its legal woes, the major music publishing houses last week also filed copyright infringement claims against LimeWire.

"We can confirm that in our
ongoing dialogues with numerous industry executives, this service has been very
well received," a LimeWire source told Digital Music News, adding that the
service is tentatively scheduled to launch in late 2010.


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