Duluth, Minn. – Settlement talks ordered by a judge have
broken down in the ongoing file-sharing copyright infringement proceedings
against Jammie Thomas-Rassett, Ars Technica reported. A joint motion in the
case notes that the settlement talks "have, unfortunately, been fruitless
because of the substantially divergent views of the parties regarding copyright
law and the merits of this case," adding that, "further settlement
efforts would be futile."

The Recording Industry Association of America
(RIAA) has twice won guilty verdicts against Thomas-Rassett, and the remaining issue now
is the amount of damages to be paid.

U.S. District Judge Michael Davis ruled
that the $1.92 million a jury ordered Thomas-Rassett to pay was too high, and
reduced it to $54,000.

The RIAA opted for a third trial rather than accept the
reduced damages.

As the interim settlement talks ordered by Davis have failed,
it now appears that the case will be headed to court again.


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  1. The only purpose for most of the laws on the books today is to create an expensive, non-productive “job” for a bunch of lawyers.

    I’ll laugh my ass off if the next jury finds for the defendant.