San Francisco – Viacom (NASD:  GOOG) has filed official notice that it
will appeal its $1 billion copyright infringement suit against Google’s (NASD:  GOOG)
YouTube, after a lower court found that YouTube is not liable for copyright
infringements committed by users uploading unauthorized videos.

Viacom initially
filed suit against YouTube in 2007.

The company said the District Court’s ruling in favor of YouTube was
"fundamentally flawed and contrary to the language of the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act, the intent of Congress, and the views of the Supreme
Court as expressed in its most recent decisions."

However, the appeal of a
similar ruling in a copyright suit filed by Universal Music Group against
video-sharing site Veoh is likely to be heard by the Ninth Circuit appellate
court before the Second Circuit hears Viacom’s appeal.


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