Philadelphia, Penn. – While 80% of U.S. consumers say they
regularly watch live primetime television, two-thirds (62%) report having
watched primetime shows via time-shifting technology, according to a new report
conducted by International Communications Research on behalf of Comcast (NASD: CMCSA), the
nation’s largest cable TV provider.

The number of consumers time-shifting their
viewing of primetime programs — either via a digital video recorder,
video-on-demand or Internet streaming — is up more than 60% from a year ago,
and 80% from three years ago.

"Time-shifting has hit the mainstream and is changing the way
people watch TV," said Diana Kerekes, vice president of entertainment services
for Comcast.

Comcast said that its on-demand programming has
expanded to 17,000 items per month, and its 23.2 million subscribers are
viewing more than 350 million VOD selections monthly.


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