Seoul, South Korea – The government of North Korea has
created a Facebook page, adding to recent forays into social media that have
included a Twitter account and YouTube video channel, the Associated Press

The Facebook page is named "uriminzokkiri," as are the
Twitter and YouTube pages, which South Korea’s Communications Standards
Commission told AP means "on our own as a nation."

The Facebook page bills itself as
"a page representing the intentions of North and South Koreas and
compatriots abroad, who wish for peace, prosperity, and unification of our

North Korea so far has 65 friends on Facebook, in addition to 10,000
Twitter followers, and has posted over 130 videos on YouTube.

The content on all of these social media sites consists mainly of pro-North Korea propaganda denouncing South Korea and the U.S.


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  1. ….they are now up to just under 3,000 fans on Facebook. And twitter will be no good to the curious, unless you can read Korean script 🙂

    Will the CIA be watching me now if I friend “uriminzokkiri” ? Ha, ha, that’d be funny!