Los Angeles – The producers of Oscar-winner "The Hurt
Locker" have begun to file suit against individuals who allegedly
downloaded the film illegally on file-sharing networks, CNET reported.
Earlier this week, a customer of ISP Qwest Communications was informed the
company received a subpoena seeking the customer’s identity.

Voltage Pictures
hired the D.C. law firm of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, and filed suit against
5,000 "John Doe" defendants thought to have downloaded the film.

firm has now taken the next step, and filed a subpoena with an ISP seeking the
identity of an alleged infringer, offering to call off its legal threats if the
individual pays a $2,900 settlement fee, according to documents obtained by CNET.

Voltage has blamed the film’s relatively lackluster performance at the box
office on piracy; "The Hurt Locker" leaked to BitTorrent five months
before its theatrical release.


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