Reston, Va. – Viewing of live streaming video services, like, Ustream, Livestream and Stickam, has grown 648% in the U.S. over the
past year, according to a report from Internet audience measurement firm

The total time spent watching feeds on such services topped 1.4
billion minutes in the past year.

By comparison, time spent watching videos on
YouTube and Hulu grew 68% and 75%, respectively, over the same period.

the amount of time spent watching live video is still only a small fraction of
the total time spent watching online video, its sharp growth indicates viewers’
growing comfort with the content," the report notes.

The average
live-streamed video view is also 7% longer than the average online video view.

In July, Ustream attracted 3.2 million unique viewers and served 20 million
videos, compared to, which reached 2.6 million unique viewers and
served 130 million videos, and Livestream — which saw 2.4 million visitors and
streamed 160 million videos.

Average length of viewing time was longest on
Ustream, while led in total viewing minutes with nearly 900 million.


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