New York – Digital music service eMusic is close to signing
licensing deals with the last two of the four major record labels, in
anticipation of a re-launch of the service in November, CEO Adam Klein told
Reuters. The 12-year-old company spent much of its existence focused on
independent music, but more recently licensed tracks from majors Sony Music and
Warner Music Group.

The company is now in talks with EMI and Universal as well,
which could grow its catalog from 10 million to around 17 million tracks.

told Reuters that eMusic will retain its monthly subscription service model,
and is hoping to add a digital locker service.

Users will also no longer have
to submit credit card information before being able to fully browse the site.

The eMusic service currently counts 375,000 subscribers, and is expected to generate
$65 million in revenue this year.



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  1. I hope they don’t increase the fees again. If that’s so I’m seriously dropping them. It would suck. Also I was a really big fan of eMusic before adding the majors. It was a place to discover really cool indie music now it’s just like another iTunes. Oh well might have to search out other music resources!