Redmond, Wash. – Microsoft (NASD:  MSFT) said on Thursday that its
"Halo: Reach" title for Xbox 360 generated $200 million in global
sales during its first day on sale Tuesday, Reuters reported. The sales figure
for the prequel to the original Halo tops any opening release for a video game
or movie so far this year.

The basic version of the game sells for $60;
Microsoft is also selling special editions of the game for $80 and $250, as
well as a bundle that includes a special Xbox 360 and the game for $400.

‘Halo: Reach’ numbers tell me is gamers are there," Phil Spencer,
president of Microsoft Game Studios, told Reuters.

"They are willing to
buy the great experiences when they come out. In fact, that we are exceeding
‘Halo 3’ numbers out of the gate tells me that the industry is in a healthy

"Halo 3" generated $300 million in sales during its
first week on sale; the Halo franchise has to date sold over 34 million units



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  1. It’s lovely to hear Bungie have done so well i was a original halo fan when i bought the game not expecting much i mean i was outraged that no good ideas came into games after Nintendo 64 and the Ps1 but halo was truly a great game and one of a kind you don’t see many good ideas now a days the only other game which is a great idea now a days has to be Portal but i believe Bungie has worked there socks of and the money they earned is totally worth it.

    Halo As A Whole

    Story Line : 9/10 (Halo 3 sorta ruined it sorry bungie)

    Music : 9/10 (Halo Reach soundtrack wasn’t great but halo 2 soundtrack was incredible)

    Gameplay : 10/10 (Defiantly was great did get repetitive the campaign but multiplayer and firefight is always there im surprised bungie didn’t make firefight for halo 3)

    Graphics : 10/10 (although i don’t like to comment on graphics as i myself am a modeller and animator currently at university but they were great to see and allot of effort could be seen)

    Bungie : 10/10 (Superb effort from a superb company i know not many people will see this but i just want anyone who reads this to know that i would love to work for em unfortunatly i live in the UK meaning it’s a no no)