1. Your poll is apples and oranges. I have both cable and Netflix. Cable gives me TV content I can’t get on Netflix and Netflix gives me movie and some TV content I can’t get on cable. When is Netflix going to have live sports like the NFL games? When this happens then you can run your poll.

  2. I went without cable for six years after having TV every day of my life. I was floored at how little I missed it. I’ve just moved and had a cable package installed and was disgusted to see that after all this time, the format is identical to when I had it before. They haven’t made even an ounce of effort to update or improve, all while costs have skyrocketed. They treat their customer base like uneducated hostages, they even canceled me for late payment when it hadn’t even been installed for a month because they retro-billed, making me “38 days with service and no payment”. Insert your favorite explicative here. I am now working on getting Netflix, which I’ve had for years and adore, to my TV so I can dump cable again. Cable is, quite simple, too demeaning to deal with. How does it bond me to a company to be overcharged, under-served, lied to, pummeled with advertising, and treated badly?

  3. I have fios and tried Netflix streaming. Got random jitter from time to time – very annoying.

    More importantly, movies are NOT in Surround sound! Just 2 channel stereo – really annoying! I understand they are planning to convert some titles to 5.1 surround, but they don’t seem to be in a rush. They seem to be doing fine and generating a lot of interest while peddling a sub-par cinema experience…