San Francisco – A key antipiracy code developed by Intel
called HDCP, which protects copyrighted content on DVD and Blu-ray players, has
been cracked and published online, Intel confirmed for CNET

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) protocol ensures that only authorized
devices may play copyrighted content.

The HDCP code that leaked is used to
generate the many "sub keys" that reside on specific devices and
content files.

Intel told CNET the code leak isn’t terribly significant,
because in order to be used, it would have to be fabricated onto a

However, Cryptography Research president Paul Kocher told CNET
he predicts such devices will hit the market in three to five years.

will see people in China building TV sets that aren’t properly licensed (for
HDCP) and don’t work the way the protocol is supposed to work," Kocher


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