New York – Legion Capital Investments plans to begin
investing in start-ups targeting males aged 16 to 24 later this year, and has
already invested an undisclosed amount in Boston-based mobile music
applications developer ShapeMix Music, PaidContent reported.

The firm, headed
by Legion Enterprises co-founder, chairman and CEO Michael Sepso, will also
help run some of the firms in which it invests — which will include existing
music, sports, video games and TV companies.

"The 16-24 year old male is
the first wave of a new generational shift in media consumption," Sepso
told PaidContent.

"To the traditional media world, these ‘digital
mavericks’ are the most difficult to reach because they have grown up in an
entirely digital world where choice is limitless, consumption is on-demand and
traditional business models are irrelevant. There are young entrepreneurs that
understand this vision, and Legion Capital will partner with them in a variety
of ways."


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