New York – NBC Universal (NYSE:  GE) CEO Jeff Zucker will step down
following the completion of the company’s merger with cable TV provider
Comcast (NASD:  CMCSA), The New York Times reported, citing an email sent to employees. Zucker,
who has worked at NBC for over 24 years, acknowledged to The Times that the
decision was not his choice.

"Look, I knew from the day [the merger] was announced
that this was a possibility," Zucker told The Times. "I wasn’t going
to shut the door on anything. But in the last nine months it became
increasingly clear that they did want to put their own team in place — and I
didn’t want to end up being a guest in my own house."

Zucker called
"not moving quickly enough" to fix sagging ratings for NBC primetime
TV "the thing I regret most."

NBC Universal’s merger with Comcast is
expected to be completed by the end of the year, pending regulatory approval.



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