Los Angeles – The company behind veteran music file-sharing
application LimeWire, announced that it will stop distributing and supporting
the application in order to comply with a court-ordered injunction, All Things
D reported, citing a blog post by LimeWire CEO George Searle.

The LimeWire
file-sharing application has been downloaded "hundreds of millions"
of times, according to the company.

"While this is not our ideal path, we
hope to work with the music industry in moving forward.   We look forward to embracing necessary
changes and collaborating with the entire music industry in the future,"
LimeWire said in a statement.

The company clarified that it "is not
‘shutting down,’ in specific regarding our software, we are compelled to use
our best efforts to cease support and distribution of the file-sharing
software, along with increased filtering."

LimeWire still faces
hearings on damages after losing a copyright infringement case, and says it is
working on a new, legal music service.


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