1. I’ll probably stick with Gmail. The lines between office and personal life continue to blur with social media, and Gmail cutrently is more of a professional platform. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least register for a FB email user name. Down the line as they implement unique products could be a valuable service.

  2. Facebook has so many holes in it and has pushed the envelope with the user data they can take and use however they like. Google has been sketchy in this area too (Google Buzz), but I think it’s risky to allow Facebook to store all of your email content, contacts, and the like on their servers. Next they’ll be saying they own the content and can keep it on their servers forever!

    They don’t seem to properly test a lot of their new interface features from what I’ve seen, so don’t think that anything you transmit through their service will be as secure as hotmail or myriad other services out there (not that those ones are shining examples either).