New York – Google (NASD:  GOOG) has asked its manufacturing partners to
delay their introduction of new Google TV hardware, expected to be unveiled at
next month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), so it can "refine" the
underlying software, The New York Times reported, citing people familiar with
the company’s plans. Toshiba, LG and Sharp were prepared to introduce new
devices supporting Google TV, the company’s platform that marries Web-based
video programming with its search technology.

Google’s "late" request
of the companies reportedly "caught some of the manufacturers off
guard," according to The Times’ sources.

"We have an understanding
with Google about the future product roadmap and will bring the right product
out at the right timeframe," Jeff Barney, the vice president of Toshiba’s
digital products division, told The Times.

Sony and Logitech have already
introduced devices that support Google TV, and Samsung appears to still be
planning to introduce its Google TV product at CES next month in Las Vegas.



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  1. Many people have been waiting for this new innovation, but sad to say that this released will again delayed. I do not know the reason, perhaps, they are doing more for it to become resourceful enough. But, what I can say is, they should not release any reports if they will not do it.