Las Vegas – Jay Park has been named winner of the Best Web Video category for the Mashable Awards.

The announcement was made moments ago on stage at the Mashable Awards Gala in Las Vegas during CES.

Park, who is currently working on a movie in Korea, accepted the award via video.

Park beat out other finalists: A Very Potter Sequel, GameZombie TV, Bonamana and Eli Soriano.

Park was also a runner-up in the Must-Follow Personality.

Park is represented by DMW Advisors — an agency managed by several principals of Digital Media Wire — along with Seth Friedman and Sidus HQ.


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  1. This really is good news, not just for Jay, but for his fans and supporters who are passionately and determinedly trying their best to ensure that Jay gets to enjoy some recognition and awards.

    We were up against really tough competition, and didn’t even think we’d stand that much high of a chance….And now this vid won the Best Web Video award….boy, it sure is worth it 🙂 Voting daily without fail.

    And for a very memorable video. To think a year ago, he was just singing out of his parent’s bathroom, just trying to reconnect with his fans that missed him, for fun.

    The support that his fans have for him is certainly undying, because he really is someone who deserves the good in life.

    Thank you to the team at DMW & Shermans! Mrs Tinzar Sherman, and you Mr Ned Sherman, who spotted and noticed the phenomenal response his vid was receiving, and you gave him your support, and you even took him in and represented him.

    Much respects.

    As fans and supporters of Jay Park, we were really grateful and still is that you guys have Jay Park’s back. And we really hope you have his best interests at heart, and really protect him bcos he’s just trying to get by in life with his passion and for his fans….and have gone through so much drama. Thanks again for giving him those opportunities, and hope both Jay Park and DMW achieves good ling long success and prosperity!


  2. im very very happy as Jay’s fan!!
    Jay is so real!!
    good start to his way!!
    Sorry my english so bad…
    thank you dad!!
    from japan