Las Vegas – The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem
(DECE), a consortium of over 60 firms that includes Hollywood movies studios
and tech firms, said on Thursday that it will begin rolling out its UltraViolet
digital rights management system in mid-2011.

The UltraViolet system, which
will also expand into the U.K. and Canada, will "allow consumers to
purchase digital content and watch it wherever, whenever," DECE said,
dubbing it "an easy and consistent way to watch film and television
content across multiple branded platforms, such as computers, connected TVs,
game consoles, smartphones and tablets."

Under the system, households will
be able to create an UltraViolet account for up to six members, who can access
supported content like movies and TV episodes on up to 12 devices.

The first
products and services to support UltraViolet are expected to be released in
mid-2011, with the first designed-for-UltraViolet consumer electronics devices
expected in early 2012.


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