Los Angeles – Sony (NYSE: SNE) has filed for a temporary restraining
order against a group of programmers allegedly offering software that can
"jailbreak" the PlayStation 3 so it can run third-party software,
according to reports.

The main target of Sony’s action is George Hotz (aka
"Geohot"), who Sony claims is violating the Digital Millennium
Copyright Act (DMCA) and Computer Fraud Abuse Act by distributing technology
that can circumvent the security on the PS3.

The restraining order seeks a
seizure of all of Hotz’s circumvention technology, removal of related software
and claims from his website, and a prohibition against Hotz aiding others
looking to jailbreak their game consoles.

CNET noted that the hacking activity
around the PlayStation 3 has escalated since last March, when Sony decided to
remove the ability for the PS3 to run Linux or other operating systems.


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  1. The claim that the hack was a result of Sony removing Other OS, is just plain pathetic. Sony removed Other OS, because GeoHot started hacking it. I can’t wait for Sony to start churning out the firmware updates, I’m hoping they are massive enough to brick every hacked PS3 console and melt the Hard Drive too, I can’t wait, then all you hacking douchebags can call/email GeoFailFlow to help you write a petition to Sony wanting your money back. I hope Sony squashes these hacking douchebags and renders all hacked PS3 consoles useless to PSN and disable DLC. I like to know where ppl get off thinking that Sony some how is in the business of giving media entertainment for free, because in the end that is where all this leads too and thats piracy.

  2. It would only make sense to do this if there was a real threat behind this… Sony is just being retarded maybe if they listen to the users this would have never happened. Fail Overflow even said that this was due to the fact that sony removed linux and they noticed that it wasn’t removed… just hidden. come on sony.

    PS3 IT ONLY DOES LAWSUITS. good job on the new addition to your list