Las Vegas – Zuffa, the owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brand, has filed a copyright and trademark infringement suit against, over live UFC pay-per-view events being uploaded by users ofthe live video streaming service.

"Although purportedly developed to bring user-generated content to a large live audience, the website is routinely exploited by users to broadcast illegally uploaded content,"Zuffa said in a statement.

The company noted that over 50,000 users watched illicit feeds of its UFC 121 pay-per-view event.

This, despite its hiring of third-party contractors, who petitioned to remove more than 200 infringing streams of the event.

"Zuffa has attempted to work on numerous occasions with over nearly a two-year period to encourage it to prevent or limit its infringing activities," said Zuffa attorney Donald J. Campbell.

"Regrettably, has not only turned a blind eye to the massive online piracy occurring on its website, we believe it has actually induced its users to commit copyright infringement thus leaving Zuffa no alternative but to take this fight to the courts."



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