Mountain View, Calif. – Google (NASD:  GOOG) has begun actively censoring
file-sharing-related terms from its search engine results, nixing
"BitTorrent," "RapidShare," "Megaupload" and
other words from its instant search and auto-complete search features,
TorrentFreak reported. As this point, the filter does not affect full Google search

Google recently announced it would begin filtering
"piracy-related" terms from these search services.

The new filter also
includes the generic term "torrent," and any potentially legitimate
associated search strings, such as "Ubuntu torrent" — which might
come from a user interested in downloading the freely available Linux software.

TorrentFreak notes that Google’s keyword filtering appears arbitrary, still
allowing search terms for BitTorrent clients like Vuze, and cyberlockers like

"We respect Google’s right to determine algorithms to deliver
appropriate search results to user requests," Simon Morris, vice president
of marketing and product at BitTorrent Inc., told TorrentFreak.

being said, our company’s trademarked name is fairly unique, and we’re pretty
confident that anyone typing the first six or seven letters deserves the same
easy access to results as with any other company search."

"We embrace
that certain search suggestions will not put a wrong complexion on RapidShare
anymore, but we are concerned that at the same time the legitimate interests of
our users will also be affected. We believe it was the wrong decision to remove
the term ‘RapidShare’ from the search suggestions," RapidShare told



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  1. By doing this, they are going to see a change in seachers reling on google, yes they will be good for local searches, but you can be sure that other software search chiefs of other companies will start something that will drive others to new search engines. I hear dogpile is good, but if it filters free stuff, downloads and anything in order for searchers to get something for free, those searchers will eventually go to the new search engines that offer this type of information.

    I am shocked that there isn’t already a search engine that offers this type of results.

    Think as time goes on, the generic search engine will eventually fade out and google and possibly big name engines could and will start to see a decline in how searches are performed due to so much spam, content crap, this will allow for


    movie search
    womens clothing search
    mens clothing search
    toys search
    bedroom search
    computers search
    documents search
    free search
    travel search
    education search

    Video Niche Sites
    Book Search Sites

    there are already out there, but if you know that internet marketers aren’t making as much money with google, they will tend to favor these companies and offer them services in order to keep their bank account rolling and then market in a way to help those sites become a brand name as a reputable search engines for whatever the niche is.

    there are many companies like this already but the media and marketing has not been there, but as time goes on and people get sick of the information overload, they might as well just typing into their address bar, example, “educational search”
    and if their internet is not set to default, it might go to the domainers who run that domain.

    The big wigs will keep their own, but there will be a decline in their companies and social, video, press releases, rss, visual will start to run things and make some strides, search engines will stay hear as the internet is here, but people are all adhd and over the map and not everyone can handle it.

  2. As of now Google and other search engines are sending traffic for keywords “artist download” or “artist torrent” to the file sharing networks. Artists understanding that the file sharing platforms will outrank their site for these searches can try to divert traffic to their website through search engine optimization.

    By creating a landing page that has a free album download, great recordings will attract inbound links, nods from webmasters that an artist had created a great record. The links are the main reason webpages rank in the search engines. With more links an artist will outrank the file sharing networks for the artists search terms. By offering merch, tix, & other products for sale on the landing page artists can see real returns by curbing traffic from file sharing and controlling leaks on their own website.