San Francisco – A law enforcement investigation into the
circumstances by which a lost iPhone 4 prototype was purchased by gadget blog
Gizmodo may conclude as early as next month, CNET reported.

San Mateo
County district attorney Stephen Wagstaffe told CNET investigators are close to
finishing their interviews in the felony theft investigation.

A 22-year-old
found the prototype iPhone in a bar in Redwood City, Calif. last year, and sold
it to Gawker Media’s Gizmodo blog for $5,000.

The blog published photos and
details of the device, but remanded it to Apple (NASD: AAPL) once contacted by authorities.

Apple itself requested that police investigate the matter.

No charges have yet
been filed, and it remains unclear whether the target of the investigation is the
22-year-old who sold the lost device, Gawker Media, or both.


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