New York – SoundExchange, the recording industry entity set
up to collect and distribute digital music royalties, announced that it paid
out $252 million to rightsholders in 2010.

The organization has now to date
paid out more than $600 million in royalties from music performed on the Web, satellite
radio, television music channels and similar streaming platforms.

said that the 2010 average payment for artists was up 80% (to $2,800) and for
rightsholders it was up 39% (to over $14,000).

The organization said it
registered nearly 11,000 new artists and copyright holders in 2010, and has
teamed with Myspace and others to locate artists to whom unpaid royalties are

SoundExchange said last May that it was holding at least $200 million
in royalties owed to artists, $39 million of which was due to artists it had so
far failed to locate.


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