Washington – The Washington Post on Wednesday launched
Trove, a free site that searches around 10,000 news sources to let visitors
personalize their content.

Through integration with Facebook Connect, the site
— which Washington Post CEO Donald Graham called "Pandora for news"
— serves individualized content to users based on information in their
Facebook profiles.

The site’s editors also post breaking news onto the home
page, and create subject-based channels that users can choose to follow.

"The experience is customized and different for everyone," said Vijay
Ravindran, the Post’s senior vice president and chief digital officer.

believe launching Trove is a good step toward understanding what the future of
news could look like."

Trove, which has been in private beta since
mid-February, is currently available on the desktop, Android and Blackberry.

The Post, which reportedly has invested $5-$10 million in the project, landed
the technology behind the service with last July’s acquisition of news
aggregator iCurrent.


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