Foster City, Calif. – Sony (NYSE: SNE) is working with the FBI to
investigate the malicious attack on its PlayStation Network online game service
and Qriocity streaming media services, which the company acknowledged exposed
customers’ credit card data, albeit in encrypted form. "We are presently
reviewing the available information in an effort to determine the facts and
circumstances concerning this alleged criminal activity," special agent
Darrell Foxworth told Kotaku.

Kotaku additionally reported that 22 state
attorneys general are investigating the matter, in particular the delay between
the malicious attack and when Sony notified customers their personal data had
been compromised.

In a new blog post, Sony informed PlayStation Network users
that their stored game data remains intact, and that the network could be
restored within a week.

The company also said it is developing a "’make good’
plan" to compensate both PSN gamers and subscribers to its streaming
Qriocity services, but did not offer specific details.



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