New York – AOL said on Thursday it will take part in what’s being called “World IPv6 Day” — a 24-hour test of the new IPv6 Internet protocol on major websites June 8.

The company said it plans to test the new standard on several of its properties, including the AOL home page, AOL Search, Mapquest and Engadget.

Other major content providers, such as Yahoo, Facebook and Google, also are scheduled to participate, along with Internet service providers, operating system vendors and hardware manufacturers.

The event is being sponsored by the Internet Society (ISOC), which said the new standard is needed since address space used by the current version of the Internet, IPv4, is expected to run out later this year. IPv6, the organization said, provides over 4 billion times more space.

“As a major content publisher, we recognize the critical importance of supporting the migration from IPv4 to IPv6,” said Alex Gounares, the CTO of AOL, adding that the test is “critical to ensuring the hundreds of millions of end users visiting AOL properties will have no hiccups or interruptions when we enable IPv6 across these sites in the future.”


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