San Jose, Calif. – Global file-sharing traffic is expected to double by the year 2015, but its share of overall traffic will shrink from 40% in 2010 to 24% in 2015, according to new findings from Cisco’s Visual Networking Index.

Streaming video services like YouTube and Netflix are expected to grow even faster, and account for a larger share of the overall total traffic.

By 2015, file-sharing traffic is expected to reach 13,797 petabytes per month, up from 4,968 petabytes in 2010.

File-sharing growth will be greatest in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, which will see a 35% annual growth rate, while the growth rate will be 18% in North America, and 14% in Western Europe.

Meanwhile, traffic generated by cyberlocker services like RapidShare and MegaUpload are expected to increase more than 600% by 2015, to 5,680 petabytes a month.


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