Washington – A surprising 82% of U.S. gamers are “adults,” and the average age of an American gamer is 37 years old, according to a report from video game industry trade group the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

The report found that 72% of American households play video games; 42% of U.S. gamers are women.

The average age of game purchasers is 41 years old, and Americans spent $25.1 billion on game content, hardware and accessories in 2010.

Digitally distributed games, add-on content, mobile apps, subscriptions and social network gaming accounted for 24% of 2010 game sales, generating $5.9 billion in revenue.

The report also found that 45% of parents report playing games with their kids at least weekly, and 57% believe that games encourage their family to spend time together, while 54% believe that game play helps their children connect with friends.


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