Wickford, Eng. — Ryan Cleary, the 19-year-old alleged mastermind behind the hacker group LulzSec, was charged with several offenses by the British police on Wednesday.

Cleary, arrested in Essex on Monday, is being linked by British police to a string of attacks on Sony websites where nearly 1.3 million personal records were stolen. The police told reporters of the evidence Tuesday after examining a computer seized from his home.

The police have not officially determined that Cleary is linked to the hacker group LulzSec, although he has been widely associated with the group. LulzSec denied their connection to the 19-year-old on Tuesday, tweeting that the UK police arrested the wrong suspect.

Cleary is charged with bringing down Britain’s Serious Organized Crime Agency while hacking into a number of international businesses and intelligence agencies, said the police in a statement following his arrest.

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