Technology will put a few more dollars into the coffers of Universal Pictures. Percy3D has licensed a selection of clips from well-known movies for use in its PercyFX app, which enables users to embed personalized text into the original scene.

PercyFX launched today with a collection of clips taken from movies including  The Big Lebowski, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and franchises like American Pie, Back to the Future and The Fast and the Furious.

Once a consumer has customized a clip, PercyFX delivers a shareable video that can be used on an iPhone and iPad, Facebook or YouTube.

The app currently is available only for Apple’s iOS devices, but the company has Android, RIM, Ovi and Windows Mobile versions in development for release in the near future.

The app comes with three customizable clips for 99 cents, and the company promises to maintain a continuously refreshed selection of clips for sale. The deal with Universal Partnerships & Licensing is the first PercyFX has signed, but the company is working to obtain rights to movies from every studio.