Palo Alto, Calif. — In an attempt to block users from their love for competing companies, Facebook took steps to ban a Google+ ad from its social networking site.

App developer Michael Lee Johnson was aiming to build a bigger circumference of friends and thought a  Facebook ad would be a great start, as first reported by TechCrunch.

The ad, which featured a picture of the young developer, asked people to add Johnson to his Google+ circles. The copy read: “If you’re lucky enough to have a Google+ account, add Michael Lee Johnson, Internet Geek, App Developer, Technological Virtuoso.”

Harmless, right? Wrong.

The ad violated Facebook’s terms of service, so Facebook not only deleted that ad, but all of Johnson’s other Facebook ad campaigns too.

Later Johnson received a message, pointing out the policy violation.

As Section 10 of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities reads, the company’s goal “is to deliver ads that are not only valuable to advertisers, but also valuable to you.”

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