Midem, the international music industry trade conference, is revitalizing itself with a makeover that will result in more attention to digital media, emerging artists, branding and networking. Additionally, prices to attend have been lowered to help attract a more diverse crowd, live music has been expanded, and special packages will be available to artists and startups.

Midem director Bruno Crolot, who replaced Dominique Leguern after Midem 2011, revealed the changes Tuesday. “We’re keeping the fundamentals, but we’re aware of the need to widen our positioning to encompass a broader range,” he said. “We want to reach a bigger ecosystem.”

One of the major programming changes involves MidemNet, the channel devoted to digital enterprises. It now will run on all four days of Midem 2012, with major keynotes taking place on what Crolot said was called Visionary Monday.

Another change is the launch of the Innovation Factory, where startups, major technology companies, artists and labels will be able to share information about their projects and priorities. It will incorporate MidemLab and its associated competitions. Participants can glean different kinds of insights at the Direct2fan Camp, another new feature designed to meet the specific needs of independent artists and labels.

Crolot also is introducing the Midem Festival, an expanded program of live music that for the first time will be open to the public. There will be three evening concerts in the main venue, with additional performances throughout the host city of Cannes.

“We want the event to be more fun, to put live music at the core of Midem, and do all we can so that participants feel more involved than they have in the past,” Crolot said.