Gainsville, Fla. — Grooveshark has found itself in hot water, again.

The online music service that allows users to post their own tracks to their site while sharing them with the world is being sued by a number of songwriters and music publishers.

Filed on July 15 in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, the plaintiffs claim the music illegally violates many copyright laws, and therefore is liable for contributory infringement, copyright infringement and vicarious infringement, CNET reported Thursday.

“Defendant neither sought nor obtained a license, permission, or authorization from plaintiffs,” the complaint reads.

The company claims to abide by all rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and that it is protected from any copyright violations committed by its users. However, companies like EMI Music and Universal Music Group disagree — having both filed lawsuits against the company, with EMI Music being the only one to settle.

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