New York — Vimeo, an online video streaming service, announced Monday that the company will offer a new pro-level package to better meet the needs of small businesses effective immediately.

The company previously allowed anyone to post videos online for free, while a premium tier of “plus” members could get additional features like high-quality video supporting HTML and ad-free players for videos for $60 a year.

With the Pro option, Vimeo users can get 50GB of storage, 250,000 video plays a year, and the white label capability to create a free-standing Portfolio website for a fee of  $199 a year. Additional features include the ability to share unbranded and unlisted video pages with clients or for internal use, additional password privacy protection, and the option of embeddable logos that stay with the video even when it’s shared elsewhere.

“This was the missing link for us and something our users have wanted for some time,” filmmaker Blake Whitman, Vimeo’s director of Community and Product, told Studio Daily. “We’ve been focused for a long time on individual creators of video but those same people have also wanted a commercial option. We’ve tested it with a lot of different types of businesses — some that are retail-based, some very video-intensive — and we’ll be coming out soon with launch partners that give users a variety of ideas of how PRO can be used.”


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