Content Television, a division of global multi-platform entertainment company Content Media Corp., today began showing Strictly Sexual: The Series through Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service in the U.S.

The series is a spin-off of the 2008 indie film Strictly Sexual, which never received a theatrical release yet became Hulu’s most-watched feature movie two years later. Writer Stevie Long told PBS during a 2010 interview that the Hyphenate Films movie cost $100,000 to make and has earned more than ten times that amount.

Despite its steamy title, the movie and series (pictured) are in the modern romantic comedy genre.

Content Television recently acquired worldwide distribution rights to the series, which is co-created, produced and directed by Hyphenate Films co-founder Joel Viertel (co-producer of The Adjustment Bureau), for all broadcast and digital platforms. Viertel is teaming on the project with Strictly Sexual film and series writer Stevie Long (HBO’s The Mind Of The Married Man, FX’s Sons Of Anarchy), who returns to star in the six-episode half-hour series.

“I’m excited to see Strictly Sexual: The Series debut on a premier digital platform like Hulu, and to give something back to the incredibly devoted American fans that made the movie such a hit and have been waiting for these characters to return,” Viertel said. “It’s that watershed moment when a scripted series, delivered on a digital platform, has as much cultural relevance as broadcast or network shows.”

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