Amazon Web Services today introduced Amazon ElastiCache, a new service designed to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory cache for web applications running in the AWS cloud. This service will speed performance by removing the need to rely on disc-based databases.

The company said that Amazon ElastiCache is ideal for read-heavy workloads like social networking, gaming and media-sharing sites, and intensive workloads like recommendation engines. ElastiCache is compatible with code, applications, and tools in existing Memcached environments, making it less painful to migrate over.

“Amazon ElastiCache will make it very easy for PBS to deploy and manage our distributed Memcached environment. We can have multi-node cache environments configured, up and running in minutes,” said Jon Brendsel, Vice President of Product Development at PBS. “Amazon ElastiCache also takes care of ongoing administrative functions including failure recovery and patching, allowing us to focus more on delivering great web experiences to our viewers.”

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