Companies looking for a straightforward guide to social media best practices could do worst than the free, recently updated U.S. Army’s Social Media Handbook.

Obviously there are sections of this second edition that aren’t applicable to most, like the guidelines regarding operations security and the warning to turn off geolocation tagging. But the sections on crisis management and how to manage social media imposters like fake Facebook pages could be useful to nearly any business. There’s even a useful social media glossary in the booklet.

“With the landscape of social media always evolving, it’s important to stay as current as possible on the latest social media best practices,” the relevant web page reads. “It is the U.S. Army’s Online and Social Media Division’s hope that the new edition of this handbook with help Army social media managers and their teams continue to use social media effectively to tell their organization’s story.”

Since the Army welcomes a wide cross-section of people into its ranks, the booklet also features a list of DOs and DON’Ts that are written in clear, simple language. There are key overview points, too, like, “REMEMBER: It only takes one unprofessional slip to taint a reputation.”

Thanks to reader mfs and the Atlantic Wire for the tip.




Army Social Media Handbook 2011 

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