Digital television manufacturer Vestel previewed its BitTorrent Certified TV, a device both partners describe as the world’s first of its kind. It is demonstrating the prototype at the IFA show in Berlin, which opens today.

BitTorrent Inc. is best known its namesake software client and for μTorrent, which with more than 100 million active monthly users worldwide is the most popular platform for exchanging files using peer-to-peer protocol.

“Consumers want all types of personal media and Internet content in their living rooms and the TV remains the most desired device for consuming this digital media, regardless of source,” said Hakan Kutlu, Vestel’s deputy general manager for marketing. “BitTorrent certification helps our TV line meet this consumer demand and ensures that Vestel products remain at the forefront of technology innovation and adoption.”

Vestel’s new TV (pictured) will enable users to search for files that are shared on BitTorrent, then download and play them on the set itself or other device. The built-in technology handles any necessary file format conversions, simplifying the process further.

“The world of digital media has become unnecessarily complex and results in an increasingly fragmented consumer experience,” BitTorrent’s chief strategist Shahi Ghanem posted on the company’s blog. “[Consumers] want access to their entire content library – personal media, Internet files, and artist approved content – regardless of source, media type, or file format.”

Vestel’s sets use the BitTorrent Ecosystem announced earlier this year, a set of protocols for software, devices and content designed to bring BitTorrent more into the mainstream by making it easier for non-tech savvy users. In Sept. 2010, BitTorrent launched an Indie Media initiative that highlights TED talks, music and other legitimate content, in order to help dispel the belief that the protocol is only used to illegally trade movies and music.

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