Pirated copies of DC Comics’ Justice League #1 were available two hours before the New York event that kicked off the nationwide midnight release as well as the launch of  the Same Day Digital initiative that makes digital comics available without a waiting period after the print version.

The version available was a scan of the print copy, and it was made available for download from file transfer services including Wupload and Filesonic before spreading to peer-to-peer network Demonoid.

There are three primary theories as to the source of the leak, according to Bleeding Cool News. One is a person using the name Archoboros of the CPS comic scanning group. Another is that it was via a quickly remedied human error at ComiXology, the primary legitimate source of digital comics. Third is that the scan was posted by a comic book employee, which would explain how quickly the comic appeared online.

DC Comics began its Same Day Digital initiative on Aug. 31 with the launch of The New 52, a “reimagining” of the publisher’s most iconic characters. The program sees digital versions of new comic books available the same day that they are available in print. The comics will cost $2.99 and drop down to $1.99 after four weeks.

Justice League #1 was written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee, legends of the comic creating world. Additional #1 titles for each of the iconic 52 go on sale every Wednesday through Sept. 28, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash.

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