EA and Playfish’s The Sims Social has overtaken Zynga’s FarmVille in daily active users on Facebook, an achievement that makes it EA’s most successful Facebook game. During the past 24 hours, almost 9.48 million people became the deity of their own Sims inhabitants on Facebook, according to statistics from AppData. That’s significantly more than the 8.25 million who chose to cultivate the virtual soil of FarmVille during the same time period.

Neither have toppled Zynga’s CityVille from the top spot, however, with 13.68 million virtual mayors governing their Facebook realms each day.

Monthly active users rank the three games in the same order but with some important differences. CityVille remains most popular with 75.43 million, but Zynga’s Empires & Allies (39.88 million) and its Texas HoldEm Poker (36.58 million) come in above The Sims Social (pictured) with 36.02 million and FarmVille at 35.76 million, maintaining Zynga’s status as the leader in Facebook games.

The Sims Social officially went live on Aug. 19, ten days after it became playable in open beta on Facebook.

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